Balcony plants 2 weeks without water

The last time I did this (leave the plants unattended) was for a 3 week holiday and the results were catastrophic and nothing survived except for the hardy indian borage. Came back to a balcony full of dry leaves which was a chore to clean up.

This time it was only 2 weeks and I had some water bottles with spikes to slow drip the plants.

Still the results was still a disappointment.

took out my phone to record this..

Mints all died. Left a few cuban oregano.

Basils all dried up.

Some surviving basils.

Some dried up okras and basil.

I guess the biggest loss was my 2 plants of tomatoes (1 month old) and chillies.

The water bottles with spikes not all worked and a few were full of water. The ones that worked saved the other plants.

Next time, will try to invest in a water timer.

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