A newbie Aquaponics setup

I like the idea of fish and plants existing harmoniously and benefitting from each other so this is my simple Aquaponics setup. Granted it does not offer any edible fish or edible plant, it still makes me happy to see plant and animal in symbiosis.

Got this solar powered fountain add some oxygen to the water. Cost: RM 40.

The fish: Mosquito fish (Gambusia affinis). Cost: free (caught at nearby drain last year). Also useful to control the mosquito population as this town (Teluk Intan, Perak) is famous as a mosquito infested area, It is also a hardy fish and many times I have forgotten to feed them with fish food but they still survive. Perhaps from eating just mosquito larvae.

The plant: Indian Borage.

Used the Indian borage because it’s a hardy plant and it’s root can survive in water. I know I should find some better more useful or edible plant but I have no idea what will survive here. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Anyway the borage has been doing well and the new stems I cut are beginning to root in water.

Not enough containers with clay pebbles so cheap mineral water bottles were used as ‘floatillas’ 🙂

one water bottle with the bottom cut off. Usually throw fish food here so I can see the fishes as the swim up to feed.


That’s it. Clearly I am a newbie at this but so far the fish are still alive after more than half a year. The moringas are not doing too well and almost all died and replaced with Indian Borage. Clearly Moringas don’t do well in this set up.