Zip ties on balcony rails – not a good idea

I thought zip ties were a good idea to hold up the plant containers on the balcony rails. Now I know it’s not.

They are good but only for a few months. Probably 4-6 months by my estimate.

Yesterday one of my plant container came crashing down. On my side ok, not over the railings outside as that would be bad.

Anyway I was lucky it wasn’t a mess and the soil didn’t spill over etc.

My solution is to use this “fish string” you can buy from the aquarium shop. Pretty cheap at RM 1 per roll.

Not very good at knots but I got them holding the container and tied it to the rails.

An advantage is the string is pretty invisible. I can’t even get a clear picture of it.

A close look and it’s visible.

This pot is “half-half” using the fish string method and the zip tie.

My other containers all still use zip ties but I will be slowly replacing them.

Rare bloom

Guess what flower is this? (if you can! 🙂

Here’s another ‘extended’ shot of the bloom at the foot of my balcony.  (lucky didn’t drop the phone trying to take this)

Ok now that you see the leaves, any seasoned gardener knows this is the Indian Borage. Not uncommon. But for me the flower is very uncommon. After a few years of growing borage, this is the first time I see flowers coming out of it. I posted this to the MG group over a month ago and the flower is still here! Hardy as the plant itself.

OK, ok perhaps not as rare a bloom but to me it is 🙂

Anyone else has seen the Indian Borage bloom?

Can dried up telang come back to life?

So the question is can dead telang come back to life? Check this out..

Left the apartment for 2 weeks Raya holidays and without water the telang plants (I have 3) all just dried up and died. Pruned the long creepers and now it’s a few weeks later. The one above is sad. Still no signs of life.



This one however brings back hope. They do regenerate!

A smaller plant with just one small main branch is also starting to grow leaves!


So the conclusion is 2 out of 3 of the telang plants are coming back to life.

Still won’t give up on this seemingly dead telang. I hope it will come back to life too. After all, my nick name here on this blog is Telang Man ! 🙂


The survivors

The spider plants are pretty hardy survivors of 2 weeks without water in the apartment balcony. They recover fast too. Here is the picture (before and after) yesterday and today after watering.

Hanging on the wall they did not have the benefit of the potted plants which had bottled water slow dripping into the soil. The droop but are still alive after 2 weeks without water.



The next morning …

Balcony plants 2 weeks without water

The last time I did this (leave the plants unattended) was for a 3 week holiday and the results were catastrophic and nothing survived except for the hardy indian borage. Came back to a balcony full of dry leaves which was a chore to clean up.

This time it was only 2 weeks and I had some water bottles with spikes to slow drip the plants.

Still the results was still a disappointment.

took out my phone to record this..

Mints all died. Left a few cuban oregano.

Basils all dried up.

Some surviving basils.

Some dried up okras and basil.

I guess the biggest loss was my 2 plants of tomatoes (1 month old) and chillies.

The water bottles with spikes not all worked and a few were full of water. The ones that worked saved the other plants.

Next time, will try to invest in a water timer.