Can dried up telang come back to life?

So the question is can dead telang come back to life? Check this out..

Left the apartment for 2 weeks Raya holidays and without water the telang plants (I have 3) all just dried up and died. Pruned the long creepers and now it’s a few weeks later. The one above is sad. Still no signs of life.



This one however brings back hope. They do regenerate!

A smaller plant with just one small main branch is also starting to grow leaves!


So the conclusion is 2 out of 3 of the telang plants are coming back to life.

Still won’t give up on this seemingly dead telang. I hope it will come back to life too. After all, my nick name here on this blog is Telang Man ! 🙂


My Telang

Ok not really my telang because it’s outside the house across the road but I planted it.

As you can see it’s across the road.  This picture is rare as this bush is popular and one particular person always harvest all the flowers early in the morning before I can even see the flowers ! 🙂

One benefit is that the grow area is bigger so the telang has grown into a bush. The ones I grow in the house in pots is much smaller and don’t produce as many flowers.

The Telang has other names namely:

  • Asian Pigeon Wings
  • Blue Bell Vine
  • Blue Pea
  • Cordofan Pea
  • Darwin pea,
  • Butterfly Pea’ (Clitoria ternatea)

Also, the benefits are numerous but I’ll list the common one cited by many websites (again no scientific proof but since many have said it, should have some truth in it, yes?)

  1. Antioxidants help your body lower risk of infections, and is great for your heart health.
  2. Combat wrinkles and protects your skin from premature aging.
  3. Cure for headaches and migraines.
  4. Fights internal inflammation. The tea helps reduce inflammation in the body as well as symptoms such as breakouts or rashes.
  5. Brain boosting properties.

Check out these links that list down other benefits:

Mystery Telang Lady


This has been debated enough on Malaysia Gardener FB page and it’s concluded plants outside your compound is public land, hence, officially and legally what is planted out there cannot be claimed as yours. So this post is not about that.

It’s about the mysterious woman who keeps plucking the telang flowers grown just outside my house. Yes we planted it in public land so not claiming ownership. This lady comes almost every morning to pluck the flowers and it’s a mystery what she does with them. Quite improbable that it is for personal use. What do you think?


My aunt manage to talk to her and ask her what she is doing with so much telang flowers. Her answer: it’s for a sick friend.


Interesting! Does anyone know what sickness does the telang cure. So far I know telang is good for the eyes.


Also please don’t misunderstand that I am angry or disapprove of her taking the telang because we have it in abundance and she doesn’t touch the ones nearest to the house. In fact quite the opposite. My aunt found out from her she lives at Batu 5 which means 5 miles out of town. That’s a lot of effort everyday (at least to me) to collect bunga telang!