Smart Garden 9 looks affordable

I’ve had my eye on this but it was too expensive at USD 199( RM 800).

Recently there was a price drop using the “subscription” option.

So the price is 20% off with  $159.96 (about RM650) but you have to subscribe to

-3 x 3-packs just $29.85 (charged once every three months)
-Free shipping on all shipments
-First subscription ships out and fee is charged in 3 months from making the purchase.

RM 120 for a 9 pod refill is ok as I work that out to about RM 13.30 for one pod which is about the price of a soil potted sweet Basil I can get from the supermarket. The difference is that from the reviews, the Smart Garden systems grow much faster.

What do you think? Affordable or not? I am still 50-50 in getting this 🙂

Also I am not paid to promote this although I think I should 🙂

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Also this Singaporean Youtuber  made a review of the refill pack


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