Zip ties on balcony rails – not a good idea

I thought zip ties were a good idea to hold up the plant containers on the balcony rails. Now I know it’s not.

They are good but only for a few months. Probably 4-6 months by my estimate.

Yesterday one of my plant container came crashing down. On my side ok, not over the railings outside as that would be bad.

Anyway I was lucky it wasn’t a mess and the soil didn’t spill over etc.

My solution is to use this “fish string” you can buy from the aquarium shop. Pretty cheap at RM 1 per roll.

Not very good at knots but I got them holding the container and tied it to the rails.

An advantage is the string is pretty invisible. I can’t even get a clear picture of it.

A close look and it’s visible.

This pot is “half-half” using the fish string method and the zip tie.

My other containers all still use zip ties but I will be slowly replacing them.

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